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Clinico-Pathological Study of Chronic Nephropathy Associated with Prostatic Hyperplasia in a Dog

Anmol Bisht Rakesh Kumar Abhishek Kumar R. D. Patil R. K. Asrani V. K. Gupta
Vol 10(8), 205-208

A carcass of an adult male German Shepherd dog was brought for the post-mortem examination with the history of inappetance, straining while defecating, elevated levels of creatinine (8.2 mg%) and BUN (211.5 mg%), presence of organized sediments including transitional and renal epithelial cells, fatty casts, crystals on cytology and enlarged prostate gland on radiological examination. Detailed necropsy examination revealed pale and granular kidneys with diffusely adherent renal capsule. The prostate gland was enlarged with multiple cystic areas. The heart and liver showed flaccid and passive venous congestion, respectively. Microscopically, kidneys revealed the presence of degenerative changes in association with deposition of eosinophilic proteinaceous material in the tubular lumina along with mineralization. Prostate gland revealed the presence of pleomorphic pattern of myofibrils along with the deposition of variable amount of fibrous collagenous tissue. Based on above findings, it was diagnosed as a case of chronic nephropathy associated with prostatic hyperplasia.

Keywords : Dog Kidneys Prostate Urinalysis and Renal Disease

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