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Trypanosomiasis in a Labrador Retriever Dog- Successful Management Using Multiple Doses of Diminazene Aceturate

S. Keerthana P. Preena P. Ameldev K. Muraleedharan
Vol 10(8), 209-212

Trypanosomes are extra erythrocytic protozoan parasite of domestic and wild animals. In the present study, a seven-month-old male Labrador retriever dog was presented to District Veterinary Hospital Kannur (Kerala) with a history of inappetance, persistent fever, occular discharge and high colored urine for past three days. Upon physical examination lymphadenopathy, pallor mucous membrane (anaemia) and mild corneal opacity was noticed. Blood smear and whole blood were collected for the laboratory examination. The complete blood count revealed severe anaemia, thrombocytopaenia and hypoglycemia (blood sugar 65mg/dl). The peripheral blood smear and wet film examination revealed the presence of trypomastigote stage of Trypanosoma spp. The animal was treated with intra muscular administration of Diminazene aceturate at dose rate of 5mg per kg body weight along with Oxytetracycline injection intravenously at the dose rate of 10mg per kg body weight along with supportive therapy. The uneventful clinical recovery was noticed after seven days of post therapy.

Keywords : Anaemia Blood Smear Diminazene Aceturate Hypoglycemia Trypanosoma

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