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A Study on Comparison of Different Feeding Systems on Growth and Economic Performance of Goats Reared Under Semi-Arid Region

P. Senthilkumar V. Sankar N. Sri Balaji P. Nalini J. Muralidharan L. Arun
Vol 10(8), 217-221

A study was conducted to compare the different feeding system in three month’s old weaned Salem Black kids in both the sexes. Animals were divided in to five treatment groups each contains six kids for male and female separately. All the animals were allowed for full day grazing. In addition to grazing group I kids were fed with concentrate feed @ 1% of body weight (BW), group II concentrate feed @ 1.5% of BW, group III ground maize grain @ 1% of BW, group IV Ground nut oil cake (GNC) @ 1% of BW and group V serve as a control reared only with grazing for the period of 9 months. The growth rate and Average daily gain (ADG) of goats were significantly (P<0.05) higher in concentrate feed/feed ingredients supplemented animals. In all the treatments male kids significantly (P<0.05) grew faster than female. The profit per group was significantly (P<0.05) lesser in non-supplemented group and significantly (P<0.05) higher in maize grain supplemented group. In conclusion, supplementation of concentrate feed/feed ingredients @ at 1 per cent BW satisfy nutrient requirement of grazing goats. Among the feeding systems, supplementation of maize grain was more profitable.

Keywords : Economics Extensive Grazing System Feeding System Growth Performance

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