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A Study on Relative Effect of CaCl2 on Physico-chemical Parameters of Breast and Thigh Muscles of Spent Hen Using Multivariate Analysis

C. O. Vinayananda R. Narendra Babu V. Appa Rao A. Kalaikannan K. Vijayarani S. Ramesh Serma Saravana Pandian
Vol 10(8), 53-62

A study was conducted to assess the relative effect of CaCl2 on the breast and thigh muscles of spent White Leghorn layers. A total of 96 muscle samples obtained from 24 spent hens were used to study the effect of CaCl2 injection on physico-chemical properties of breast and thigh muscles. Physico-chemical parameters like pH, water holding capacity, protein extractability, shear force value and myofibrillar fragmentation indices of breast and thigh muscles significantly (P≤0.01) varied with injection of CaCl2 with 24 hr of ageing. Significant (P≤0.01) difference was observed for L* and a* values between control breast or thigh and corresponding treated muscles, no significant (P≥0.05) difference was observed for b* values between control and treated muscles. However, the color differences (ΔE) values among all groups were over the just-noticeable difference threshold. Discriminant function analysis and Mahalanobis distance (D2) analysis of physico-chemical parameters demonstrated that the effect of CaCl2 is comparatively greater in thigh muscle than breast muscle with an ageing period of 24 hr.

Keywords : CaCl2 Color Discriminant function analysis Physico-chemical properties Spent hen

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