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Gross Anatomical Studies on the Thyroid Gland of Chabro Chicken Reared During Winter Season

Amit Singh Vishen Varsha Gupta
Vol 10(8), 63-68

Gross anatomical studies were conducted on thyroid gland of eight weeks old 12 apparently healthy Chabro chickens (six males and six females) reared in winter season. The thyroid glands appeared as light pink coloured oval bodies i.e. right and left glands located on the ventral surface of the base of the neck just caudal to the junction of subclavian and common carotid arteries. The left thyroid gland was situated more cranially than the right one. Average weight of the thyroid gland in males was equal to that of females. The average length in males was more than the females but the average thickness was slightly higher in females than males. The average width of the thyroid gland was more in females (6.80 ± 0.35 mm). The difference in biometrical parameters in male and female Chabro chicken in winter season might be due to effect of sex hormones and feeding behaviour.

Keywords : Chabro Chicken Thyroid Winter Season

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