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Application of Bacteriophages in Food Industry: A Review

Diksha Purushottam Gourkhede Pratik Ramesh Wankhade Vemula Prasastha Ram Srinivas Kandhan Deepak Tukaram Sakhare Amol Jagannath Talokar
Vol 10(9), 1-7

Every year microbial origin foodborne illnesses put an enormous effect on human health and food processing industry. Thus, public health and economic incentives are required to develop novel approaches for managing microbial contamination in foods. Bacteriophages are one of the several antimicrobial due to possessing potent and highly specific antibacterial activity., phages may provide an all-natural, non-toxic, and effective means for reducing or eliminating bacterial pathogens. Bacteriophages used for direct food applications have already been approved. This review has focused on the application of bacteriophages at various stages from farm to fork, all-inclusive areas such as primary production on the farm, bio-sanitation, food spoilage, processing, and packaging. Use of bacteriophages represents an emerging “Green” technology that can help to improve food safety and enhance the economy of the country, India.

Keywords : Antimicrobials Bacteriophage Food Contamination Food Safety Phages

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