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Influence of Organic Manure Amendment on the Soil Nutrient Status in the Cultivation of Desmanthus virgatus and Cumbu Napier Hybrid Grass

Ramesh Saravana Kumar Veluchamy R. Murugeswari V. S. Mynavathi V. Palanichamy A. Kirubhakaran C. Valli
Vol 10(9), 124-128

Organic manures are the promising alternative fertilizer for crop growth and soil health. A study was carried out for 48 months in four different agro climatic zones of Tamil Nadu, India to assess the use of cow dung manure and the effective utilization of soil nutrients, utilizing Desmanthus virgatus and Cumbu Napier hybrid grass as a response crop. Fodder cultivation was adopted by following standard cultivation practices and cow dung manure and urine were applied to the fodder crops strategically calculating the area and sowing rate as per recommendations for Desmanthus virgatus and Cumbu Napier hybrid grass. At the end of the study, in Desmanthus field, the pH, phosphorus and potassium have reduced in three zones; soil organic carbon reduced in two zones; and EC reduced in all the four zones. But, the nitrogen content increased in three zones except in the institutional land of north eastern zone. Likewise, in the Cumbu Napier hybrid grass field, the pH and EC reduced in all the four agroclimatic zones; potassium and soil organic carbon reduced in three zones; and phosphorus reduced in two zones only. But the nitrogen increased in three zones, except in Cauvery delta zone.

Keywords : Cow Dung Manure Cumbu Napier Grass Desmanthus Organic manure

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