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Preliminary Studies on Hemato-Biochemical Profiles of Indigenous Free Ranging Donkeys (Equus asinus) in and around Hassan, Karnataka, India

M. K. Vinuthan D. Ramesh N. M. Rajashailesha
Vol 10(9), 136-141

The free ranging donkey is a very important animal resource of nomads in and around Hassan district, Karnataka. Donkeys living in the sub-tropical region are subject to the effects of various environmental factors that can alter their physiological and clinical parameters, which is particularly significant in free ranging indigenous donkeys. The physiological ranges of selected hematological and plasma biochemical values of free ranging donkeys were studied with the objective of establishing the reference values. Blood samples were obtained from 10 healthy donkeys reared in extensive farming system by jugular vein puncture in the vacuum tubes with EDTA. Hematological parameters, RBC, WBC, Hb, PCV and biochemical parameters, AST, ALP, ALT, glucose, total protein, albumin, cholesterol urea, creatinine and bilirubin were consistent with the reference ranges for donkeys, and the values found in literature so far. Data generated will be of use as baseline values for blood hemato-biochemical profile of indigenous donkeys under Hassan Agro-climatic conditions.

Keywords : Biochemical Free Ranging Donkeys Hematology Reference Values

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