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Histochemical Study of Hair Follicle of Assam Hill Goat (Capra hircus) During Pre-ruminant, Transitional and Ruminant Age Groups

Sukanta Das Kabita Sarma
Vol 10(9), 142-149

Strong activity of acid phosphatase was noticed in the dermal papilla and matrix. The activity of acid phosphatase, ATPase and AKPase in the sweat and sebaceous glands were found to be increased with the age advanced. The strong activity for alkaline phosphatase was observed in dermal papilla and matrix. Variable activity for acid and alkaline phosphatase was observed in the outer root sheath. Activity for PAS in the dermal papilla, sweat gland, and sebaceous gland and surrounding connective tissue was observed. Mixed reaction was observed for PAS Alcian blue in the outer root sheath. Variable activity PAS and PAS alcian blue was observed in the Inner root sheath and outer root sheath.

Keywords : Assam Hill Goat and Hair Follicle

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