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A Study on Level of Satisfaction of Client Farmers in Various Spheres of Livestock Services

N. V. Kavithaa N. Vimalrajkumar
Vol 10(9), 200-204

A purposive study was conducted in three taluks of Erode district of Tamil Nadu on randomly selected 180 client farmers by adopting multi-stage random sampling technique. A combination of Ex-post facto and exploratory research designs was engaged under five different spheres. The study revealed that more than half (65.00 %) of the client farmers were in medium category of satisfaction level followed by high and low categories of satisfaction, 23.33 and 11.67 per cent, respectively. Also, the client farmers were fully satisfied with the ability of history taking (53.33 %) and understanding of clinical symptoms (62.78 %) by the Veterinarians. With respect to the competency in clinical treatment, the farmers were fully satisfied with the activities like selecting the drug of choice (58.34 %), Artificial Insemination (54.44 %), Gynecological treatment (57.22 %), Obstetrical treatment (71.11 %) and pregnancy diagnosis (82.22 %). Regarding the temperament of the Veterinarians, respondents were satisfied with the timely availability (56.67 %), competency in generalise the facts and drawing inferences (52.78 %), ability to build good rapport with livestock farmers (65.00 %) and ability to listen patiently and understands client farmers feelings and opinions (47.78 %). The study concluded that, it is desired to conduct periodical on-the job training programmes to veterinary officers not only on treatment of animals but also on extension activities like consultancy service for scientific animal husbandry practices and awareness campaign & also on soft-skill development so as to make the veterinarians more efficient in their job which in-turn shall make livestock venture profitable for farmers.

Keywords : Client farmers Level of satisfaction Veterinary service

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