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Training Need Assessment (TNA) of Backyard Poultry Farmers of Erode District of Tamil Nadu

N. V. Kavithaa N. Vimalrajkumar
Vol 10(9), 217-221

Backyard poultry is a crucial livelihood component of rural poor providing valuable animal protein and a subsidiary income. For an effective and efficient backyard farming latest scientific technologies and practices are to be adopted. In this regard farmers need to be trained. Training changes the level of knowledge and skills involved. Keeping this in view, a study was taken up on Training Need Assessment (TNA) of rural farmers in backyard poultry rearing practices. The study was conducted among randomly selected 240 respondents of Erode district of Tamil Nadu. An ex-post facto research design was adopted and a structured schedule was used for data collection. Upon analysis, the farmers perceived very high need of training in balanced feed preparation (TNI of 88.44), followed by increasing hatchability of eggs (TNI 81.48), candling of eggs (TNI 79.83) and control of ecto-parasites using ethno veterinary preparations (TNI 78.32). The respondents preferred training of one-day duration, during March to May, using onsite demonstrations at their own villages.

Keywords : Backyard Poultry Training Need Assessment (TNA) Training Strategy

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