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Toxoplasmosis: Mysterious Disease with Paradigm for One Health

R. Karthikeyan S. Anbazhagan K. Srinivas M. Angappan Himani Agri Akanksha Yadav
Vol 11(1), 1-12

Protozoan parasites are probably one of the important emerging pathogens influencing different ecosystems, including humans, domestic animals, wildlife, and aquatic ecosystems. Toxoplasmosis is one such disease, which is highly neglected in developing countries but has significant outcomes affecting the quality of life and mortality of both human beings and animals. As the concept of one health is garnering attention in recent public health emergencies, it will overcome bureaucratic boundaries and will represent an opportunity for new partnerships focused on solutions for humans, animals, plants, and the environment. The complicated relationship across different taxa makes toxoplasmosis a potential candidate for application of One Health approach. With this, we present here a review on toxoplasmosis, global and Indian scenario, foodborne transmission, clinical picture in different animals and humans, and involvement of diverse ecosystems and need for transdisciplinary expertise.

Keywords : Cat Ecosystems Oocysts One Health Toxoplasmosis Toxoplasma gondii

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