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Quality Evaluation of Traditional Organ Meat Product Bhutwa of Uttarakhand Containing Natural Antioxidants: An Approach Towards Goat Byproducts Value Addition

Anita Arya Sapna Bisht S. K. Bharti P. K. Singh
Vol 11(1), 103-112

Present investigation was envisaged to standardize the method of preparation as well as ingredient formulation of traditional organ/variety meat product of Uttarakhand. Investigation also evaluates the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of test ingredients; tomato powder and green chili powder in the product which was added in order to enhance the shelf life of product without affecting its quality. Moisture, protein, fat, ash and cholesterol content of the product were 73.01%, 19.54%, 5.28%, 2.16% and 155.903mg/100gm respectively. Cooking yield of the product was found to be 70.048%. Tomato powder and green chili powder exerted antioxidant effect by significantly (P<0.05) reducing the TBARS, FFA and peroxide value as well as antimicrobial effect by significantly reducing (P<0.05) the microbial count of the treatments. A combination of these exerted highest (P<0.05) antioxidant as well as antimicrobial effects. Addition of treatments considerably enhanced the quality of the product along with enhancement of sensory acceptability.

Keywords : Meat by-product Natural antioxidants Organ Meat Quality Evaluation

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