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Transabdominal Laparoscopy and its Diagnostic Potential for the Evaluation of Abnormalities of Genitalia in Bovines

K. A. Sofi M. M. Singh
Vol 11(1), 149-156

The present study comprised evaluation of transabdominal laparoscopy (TAL) as a reproductive diagnostic tool for abnormalities of genitalia in cows (n=28). Feed, but not water was withheld for a minimum period of 24 h and sedation with xylazine and local infiltration of portal sites was done. Blood and serum samples (n=8) were collected at pre (1 h) and post (1 and 24 h) laparoscopy for CBC, hormone and biochemical analysis. In the present study, both flank approaches proved feasible for evaluation of genitalia with direct trocar as better alternative for creating pneumoperitoneum compared to Veress needle method. Optimum site of laparoscopic port and instrument port was determined. TAL revealed ovarian abnormalities in 18 (85.7%), oviduct and adnexal pathologies in 17 (80.9%) and uterine abnormalities in 9 (42.8%) cows. Significant difference of cortisol at post 1 h and AST at 24 h post laparoscopy was observed only with respect to blood and serum analysis. In conclusion, TAL can be successfully done through flank approach for evaluation of genitalia in bovines and is very useful for diagnosing genital abnormalities especially oviduct and adnexa.

Keywords : Abnormalities Bovines Genitalia Trans-abdominal Laparoscopy

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