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Studies on Efficacy of 7D CIDR-GnRH Protocols for Induction of Ovulatory Estrus in Anestrus Buffaloes

K. V. Narote N. M. Markandeya A. G. Sawale B. L. Kumawat Mahendra Kumar
Vol 11(1), 162-166

The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect GnRH - CIDR- PG protocols for treatment of anoestrus in buffaloes. Buffaloes having body condition score 2.5 to 3.5 scale, with post-partum period of 6 to 9 month and mature heifers with minimal 300 kg body weight were selected for trail. Group I (n=12) buffaloes received CIDR implant for 7D followed by Inj. PGF2α @ 500 µg IM just before CIDR removal. Group II (n=12) buffaloes received same treatment after Inj. GnRH @ 10 µg IM at CIDR insertion. Oestrus induction rate (%), treatment response interval (hrs), overall conception rate (%) and pregnancy rate (%) were found to be 83.33, 64.4 4.44, 77.77, 58.33 in Group I and 75.00, 53.3 3.33, 70.00 and 58.33 in Group II, respectively. Thus, 7D GnRH-CIDR-PG protocol was found to be superior for induction of oestrus in anoestrus buffaloes.

Keywords : Buffaloes CIDR Oestrus Induction PGF2α and GnRH

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