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Pig Shed Wastewater Recycling Model for Smallholder Pig Production System of Northeast Himalayan Region

G. Kadirvel Y. Sovarani Devi G. Khargharia Thameridus B. Marak S. Deori
Vol 11(1), 172-176

Pig farming requires large amount of water for effective management. Most of the water requirement is for cleaning of sheds and washing the animals. Therefore, effective recycling of this wastewater will lead to proper utilization of water and help mitigation of water scarcity. Present study was made to develop a model for effective recycling of wastewater for smallholder pig production system especially for the northeast Himalayan region. The recycling model unit consisted of five stages viz., physical screening, sedimentation unit and alum treatment, filtration tanks 1 and 2, followed by chlorination in the final storage tank. The water quality before and after the treatment were analysed to find out the efficacy of filtration process. Parameters analysed were pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), colour, turbidity, total plate count (TPC), coliform, faecal streptococci, 5-day Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD5) and dissolved oxygen (DO). Results from the present study indicated that the recycled water is fit for reuse in agriculture as well as cleaning of the pig sheds. The model was found to be an effective method for recycling of wastewater and preventing the environmental population from the pig sheds in the northeastern hill region.

Keywords : Northeast Himalaya Pig Shed Wastewater Small Holder Pig Production Water Recycling

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