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Successful Management of Fetal Mummification in a Buffalo: A Case Report

Dileep KumarYadav Gyanesh Kumar Akshay Kumar Saurabh Tiwari Atul Saxena
Vol 11(1), 197-199

A 6-year-old buffalo with a history of prolonged gestation and no visual signs of parturition was presented at Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Mathura. Per rectal examination revealed a hard firm mass with an absence of fetal movements, fetal fluid, and fremitus. On per vaginal examination, the cervix was found to be closed with no discharge. Based upon trans-rectal and per vaginal examination, the case was diagnosed as fetal mummification. The treatment with PGF2α analog cloprostenol failed to dilate the cervix and thereby, expulsion of the fetus. The treatment was repeated on day 5th of the previous treatment. After 36 hours, the cervix was found to be fully dilated and with mild traction, the fetus was expelled along with fetal membranes. The recovery of the animal occurred without any complications.

Keywords : Buffalo Cloprostenol Fetus Mummification

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