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Evaluation of Acute Oral Toxicity of a Phytogenic Essential Oil-Based Anti-Diarrhoeal and Gut Function Modulator

Vikas Vasant Karande Vaishnavi Sanjay Gagare Sunidhi Ravikanth Kotagiri Bhaskar Ganguly
Vol 11(1), 205-209

A study was undertaken to evaluate the acute oral toxicity potential of Liqbiotic™ (M/s Ayurvet Limited, India) according to OECD 423 guidelines. Liqbiotic™ is an anti-diarrhoeal and gut function modulator for poultry and pigs. Six (3 male and 3 female) Swiss albino mice were used for the study, where each animal served as its own control. The animals were observed for the manifestation of toxic effects and mortality following the oral administration of the limit dose of test substance @ 2000 mg/kg body weight. No toxic effects or mortalities were observed till 14 days and Liqbiotic™ was found to be safe for oral use.

Keywords : Acute Oral Toxicity Limit Test Liqbiotic™ OECD 423 Safety

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