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Transboundary Spread of Lumpy Skin Disease with Emphasis on Diagnosis and Control

Rita Grace Sacharia P. M. Deepa
Vol 11(1), 22-29

Lumpy skin disease is a disease which had its origin from Africa and spread almost to three by fourth of the globe. Though it may not be zoonotic and do not cause high mortality rate in animals, it is a disease of great importance as it cause high economic loss. The disease is caused by a strain of pox virus and cannot be effectively controlled by quarantine or other safety measures alone as the spread of the disease depends on the population of blood sucking parasites. The population of blood sucking parasites depends on the temperature and humidity and studies have shown that rising global warming and rise of temperature has increased the rate of progression of the disease. Vaccination alone as a control method lack efficiency hence other measures like vector control, isolation of affected animals, quarantine of newly purchased animals and restriction of movement of animals are implemented simultaneously along with vaccination strategies.

Keywords : Cattle Control Diagnosis Lumpy Skin Disease Virus

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