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Comparative Meat Quality Attributes of Improved Chicken Varieties with Broilers

G. V. Bhaskar Reddy S. Shakila P. Amaravati
Vol 11(1), 62-68

The present study was carried out for comparing the carcass and meat quality attributes of improved chicken varieties (male rajasri and male vanaraja chicken) with broilers to assess the extent of suitability for preparing the processed/value added chicken meat products. Improved chicken varieties recorded significantly (P<0.05) lower pre slaughter weight, carcass weight, dressing per cent and cut up parts yield and significantly (P<0.05) higher inedible parts yield compare to broiler chicken. Improved chicken varieties meat recorded significantly (P<0.05) higher drip loss, pH, shear force value, myoglobin content, collagen content, cooking loss, protein and total ash content and significantly (P<0.05) lower per cent water holding capacity, muscle fibre diameter, total protein extractability, moisture and fat content than broiler meat. Broiler meat recorded significantly (P<0.05) higher overall acceptability scores compared to improved chicken varieties meat. From these results, it can be concluded that improved chicken varieties meat having lower carcass and meat quality attributes compared to broiler meat but this can also utilized for preparation of processed and value added chicken meat products without adverse effect on quality of finished processed meat products.

Keywords : Broilers Carcass Characteristics Meat Quality Rajasri Chicken Vanaraja Chicken Value Addition

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