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Anti-Oxidant Effect of Quercetin in Tris Egg Yolk Citrate Extender on Surti Buck Semen Preserved at Refrigerated Temperature

W. V. Diniz L. C. Modi N. F. Chaudhari Sandhya Chaudhary M. A. Pandor David Kumar
Vol 11(1), 87-92

A study was conducted to examine antioxidant effect of quercetin in tris egg yolk citrate extender on chilling quality of Surti buck semen. Total 72 semen ejaculates were collected from four Surti buck (18 ejaculate/buck) twice in a week by artificial vagina method. Semen samples were diluted with Tris egg yolk citrate extender and quercetin at different concentration viz. 0 µM/ml, 15 µM/ml, 25 µM/ml, 50 µM/ml, 75 µM/ml, 100 µM/ml and stored at refrigerated temperature (4-5 ºC). Evaluation of semen parameters was done at 0 and 48 hours. The result exhibited lower MDA level in 15 µM/ml quercetin added in tris egg yolk citrate extender group compared to control group in buck semen preserved at refrigerated temperature up to 48 hours. Marginally higher SOD activity was observed in 15 µM/ml quercetin group as compared to other treatment and control groups. Moreover, SOD values were observed to be decreasing with increase in quercetin concentration at both the time intervals.

Keywords : Antioxidant Buck Semen MDA Quercetin Refrigerated Temperature SOD

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