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Effect of Inclusion of De-oiled Palm Kernel Cake in the Concentrate Mixture on Body Condition Score, Milk Yield and Reproductive Performance in Lactating Murrah Buffaloes

Anil Kumar Chitithoti Srinivas Kumar Dhulipalla Kalyana Chakravarthi Matha Raja Kishore Konka Venkata Seshaiah Ch.
Vol 11(10), 34-39

A study was carried out to investigate the effect of inclusion of agro-industrial by product viz. de-oiled palm kernel cake (DPKC) in the concentrate mixture on body condition score, milk yield and reproductive performance in lactating Murrah buffaloes. Twelve lactating Murrah buffaloes in early lactation were randomly divided into two groups of six animals each (control and treatment) taking into consideration parity, stage of lactation, daily average milk yield. These two groups were fed diets containing green fodder ad lib and concentrate mixture containing de-oiled palm kernel cake (DPKC) at 0 % (T1- Control) and 15% ( T2- Treatment) level. Results revealed that feeding DPKC at 15% level in the concentrate mixture had no effect (P>0.05) on DMI, DCP, BCS, milk yield, calving interval, service period and dry period as compared to the control. Thus, it can be concluded that DPKC can be included up to 15% in the concentrate diet of lactating buffaloes without any adverse effect on production and reproduction.

Keywords : Agro-industrial by-product Body Condition Score De-oiled Palm Kernel Cake Milk Yield Murrah Buffaloes Reproductive Performance

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