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Farmers’Perception on the Effect of Community-Based Sheep Breeding Program for Smallholder Production System- A Case of Bonga Sheep in Ethiopia

Ebadu Areb Tesfaye Getachew M. A. Kirmani Aynalem Haile
Vol 11(11), 1-10

The study was conducted to asses’ effectiveness of community-based breeding program (CBBP) in Bonga sheep. Data collected from 322 households and 43 focus group discussions of 7 communities (both CBBP participants and non-participants) and analysed by SPSS. Kruskal-Wallis test and binary logistic regression were used to analyse non-parametric and binary data set, respectively. CBBP participants got skills of importance and strategies of selection, and system and importance of record keeping. Uncontrolled breeding for CBBP non-participants resulted in inbreeding and poor productive and reproductive performance. The type of traits showing improvement of CBBP participants were growth performance, twining rate, lamb survival, age at first lambing and lambing interval. There is a variation in income through breeding sire selling with rate of 3483.67±46.55 and 2274.64±45.20 Ethiopian birr for CBBP participants and non-participants, respectively. Generally, the evaluation revealed that response of performance improvement, better survival rate, and positive changes in income through CBBP.

Keywords : Bonga Sheep Sheep Breed Improvement Community-Based Breeding Program Farmer Perception Kaffa Zone Participant and non-participant Record Keeping Selection

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