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Influence of β-glucan, Mannan- oligosaccharides and their Combination on Performance of Broiler Chicken

Kushal Taye M. G. Nikam M. V. Dhumal K. K. Khose V. K. Munde
Vol 11(11), 26-32

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance and profitability of broiler by supplementation of Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), β-glucan and their combination. 320 Vencobb400day old straight run chicks were weighed and distributed randomly into four treatment groups viz, A, B, C and D with four replicates of 20 chicks each. Treatment group A was serving as control. Supplementation of β-glucans @5g/100kg and MOS @ 50g/100kg of feed and their combination at the same dose rate were in treatment group B, C and D respectively. The weight gain and cumulative feed conversion ratio were significantly affected (P <0.01) by supplementation of MOS, β-glucans and their combination in hot climatic condition. The net profit per bird was higher in combination of MOS and β-glucans supplemented group. It concludes that β-glucans @ 5g/100kg, MOS @ 50g/100kgof feed alone or in combination through feed was beneficial by considering overall performance.

Keywords : Broiler Performance β-glucan Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) Profitability

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