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Studies on Effect of Mannan oligosaccharides, β-glucan and their Combination on Immune Status and Litter Condition of Broilers Reared under Hot Climatic Condition

Kushal Taye M. G. Nikam M. V. Dhumal K. K. Khose V. K. Munde S. S. Gaikwad
Vol 11(12), 29-36

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the immune status litter condition of broilers by supplementation of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), β-glucan and their combination. 320 one day old straight run Vencobb400 chicks were weighed and distributed randomly into four treatment groups viz, A, B, C and D with four replicates consists of 20 chicks in each replicate. Treatment group A was serving as control without supplementation of MOS and β-glucans. Supplementation of β-glucans @5g/100kg and MOS@ 50g/100kg of feed was done in treatment group B and C respectively. The treatment D was a combination of treatment B and C. The results revealed non-significant influence of supplementation of MOS, β-glucans and their combination on Ranikhet Disease (RD) titre at 21st and 42nd days of age. There were non-significant differences with pH and the litter moisture. It may be concluded that the supplementation of β-glucans, MOS and their combination did not record any adverse effect on litter quality and RD titer.

Keywords : β-glucan Broiler Immune Status Litter Moisture Litter pH Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)

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