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Haemodynamic Study Following Epidural Administration of Tramadol and Butorphanol in Combination of Lignocaine Hydrochloride in Goats

Arvind Kumar Sharma Dayanand Turi Reetu Tirkey Bidyabhushan Kumar Vinod Kumar Anand Kumar
Vol 11(12), 61-65

The objective of the study was to compare the haemodynamic changes in goats after epidural administration of lignocaine alone and in combination with butorphanol and tramadol. A total of 18 clinically healthy goats of 1-2 years of age and weighing between 12-15 kg were randomly divided in three groups containing six goats in each. Group I was treated with inj. lignocaine hydrochloride @ 4 mg/kg bwt. Epidurally in the lumbosacral space, whereas goats of group II and III received inj. lignocaine Hcl in the same dose rate in combination with inj. butorphanol tartrate @0.04 mg/kgbwt and inj. tramadol hydrochloride@ 1 mg/kgbwt, respectively. A significant decrease in the value of SAP was found at 15 min in group II and at 30 min in group III. Diastolic and mean arterial pressure did not show significant variation within and among the groups. The animals of group II showed a significant bradycardia (P<0.05) as depicted by increase in R-R and Q-T intervals. It is concluded that the epidural administration of lignocaine in combination of butorphanol and tramadol produces transient alteration in haemodynamic alterations thus these agents are considered as safer agents for achieving analgesia.

Keywords : Butorphanol Goats Haemodynamic Changes Lignocaine Tramadol

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