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Non-infectious Causes of Abortion in Livestock Animals- A Review

Rishipal Yadav Pooja Yadav Gyan Singh Sandeep Kumar Ravi Dutt A. K. Pandey
Vol 11(2), 1-13

Livestock is of high economic importance particularly for the small farmers of the developing countries like India. Livestock animals provide nutrient rich food products, generate income and employment and act as a cushion against crop failure. Livestock sector contributes 4.11% of total GDP and 25.6% of total agricultural GDP of India. Successful completion of gestation is pre-requisite for better production. There are many factors which can provide hindrance in completion of gestation and causes abortion. These factors may be characterized in infectious and non – infectious causes of abortion. The present review addresses non-infectious causes of abortion in livestock animals. Their diagnosis is very difficult and they can cause abortion in almost all livestock.

Keywords : Abortion Livestock Animals Non-infectious Causes and Pregnancy Loss

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