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A Study on Factors Influencing Economic Losses Due to Downer Cow Syndrome in Dairy Farms in Selected Districts of Tamil Nadu

V. Senthilkumar
Vol 11(2), 114-118

Livestock diseases particularly metabolic disorders especially downer cow syndrome in dairy animals cause reduction in production efficiency leading to severe economic losses. A downer cow is one down for at least 24 hours without apparent reason for being down. For the study, 67 downer cow syndrome female bovines were selected through multistage random sampling technique from Namakkal and Karur districts of Tamil Nadu. The collected data were analyzed by using multiple linear regression model. Among different independent variables, the late stage of lactation, milk yield and season summer were found to be highly significant (Pā‰¤0.01) association with economic losses due to downer cow syndrome. The coefficient of average daily milk yield per animal (18.199) indicated that the economic losses due to downer cow syndrome would increase by Rs.18.20 per affected animal as the average daily milk yield of the animal increases by one litre of milk from its mean level.

Keywords : Downer Cow Metabolic Diseases and Multiple Linear Function

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