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Constraints in Small Ruminant Rearing Perceived by the Pastoralists

S. A. Khandi Bharat Bhushan R. A. Bafanda R. A. Rafiquee
Vol 11(2), 119-127

Pastoralists mainly depend on three resources livestock, pasture and water and for this purpose they migrate and this is the only way for they can survive and sustain the ecological balance of nature. The pastoralists in Jammu and Kashmir still follow their traditional occupation of rearing animals and their condition have still remained unchanged. A study was conducted to find the constraints in improved small ruminant practices perceived by the pastoralists. The data was collected from 400 pastoralists belonging to Kathua, Jammu, Anantnag and Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh with the help of structured interview through personal interview technique. Constraint like increasing inputs cost makes it difficult to achieve profitability. It was the most serious constraint perceived by the pastoralists followed by lack of good quality breedable animals and non-availability of veterinary surgeons. However, inadequate knowledge to detect signs of heat in animals was the least serious constraint perceived by the pastoralists.

Keywords : Constraints Improved Small Ruminant Rearing Practices Pastoralists

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