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Morphometric Characteristics of Ponies Reared by Bakarwals in Sonamarg and Pahalgam Regions of Jammu and Kashmir

Nazish Rizwan Kirmani Mohammed Tufail Banday Muzamil Abdullah Akeel Yousf Wani
Vol 11(2), 133-140

A study was conducted to investigate morphometry of ponies maintained by Bakarwal community in Sonamarg and Pahalgam regions of Jammu and Kashmir so as distinguish it as a distinct equine breed. Morphometry was recorded for 200 ponies and after compilation of data analysis was done. The results revealed that chestnut (29.50%) was predominant coat color and Star (34.50%) was most predominant marking. Considerable number of animals (70.00%) were having convex forehead followed by flat (27.50%) and only meager proportion of animals (2.50%) were having concave forehead. The withers height of Ponies 126.01±0.37 cm, height at rump120.79±0.35cm, body length 124.71±0.43cm, chest girth144.96±0.46cm, and adult body weight 243±2.14kg. However, significant difference (p<0.05) was observed in terms of face width, hock, knee, shank and throat latch between equines of Jammu division and Kashmir division. So, almost all ponies were having similar morphometric characters in both the regions with differences only in face width, hock, knee, shank and throat latch.

Keywords : Bakarwal Coat Color Markings Morphometry Ponies

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