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A Case Report on Surgical Management of Hypospadias in a Day-Old Goat Kid

Akash Mozammel Hoque
Vol 11(2), 175-178

The following case report describes a case of hypospadias in a day-old male kid and its surgical management. The animal was presented to the Referral Veterinary Polyclinic, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly Uttar Pradesh with a history of swelling at the pre-scrotal region. Physical examination of the animal was done and the swelling was palpated. A fluid filled subcutaneous pocket was present on the pre-scrotal region and urine was dripping from the prepuce on pressing the pocket. For the treatment, permanent urethrostomy was performed under local infiltration of lignocaine hydrochloride. The kid recovered without any postoperative complications.

Keywords : Goat Kid Hypospadias Urethrostomy

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