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Incidence of Generalized Tetanus in an Adult Holstein –Friesian Cow and Non-Descript Buffalo

S. Saravanan G. Vijaya Kumar
Vol 11(2), 185-189

An adult Holstein-Friesian cow and an adult non-descript buffalo were presented with the signs like saw horse posture, locked jaw, prolapsed third eyelid, erect ears, stiffness of limbs, bloat, dyspnoea and lateral recumbency. The cow had the history of recent calving and the buffalo had decay of incisor teeth. Generalized (descending) tetanus was diagnosed in both the cases which were treated with parenteral administration of procaine penicillin, muscle relaxant and intravenous fluids, however succumbed to the disease within few days of treatment.

Keywords : Buffalo Generalized Tetanus Holstein-Friesian Cow Puerperal Tooth Decay

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