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Histomorphological, Histomorphometrical and Histochemical Studies on the Small Intestine of Large White Yorkshire Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)

Thokchom Shitarjit Singh O. R. Sathyamoorthy Sabiha Hayath Basha S. Ushakumary K. Raja
Vol 11(2), 59-66

The histomorphological, histomorphometrical and histochemical studies in the small intestine was conducted in adult Large White Yorkshire pig (6-7months of age). The mucosa of the small intestine was stubbed with villi of varying shapes and sizes which were lined by simple columnar epithelium having numerous goblet cells. The numbers of goblet cells increased towards the ileum. The lamina propria was made up of connective tissue fibers namely collagen, elastic and reticular fibers along with connective tissue cells such as fibroblasts, lymphocytes. The lamina muscularis mucosa was composed of circularly arranged layer of smooth muscle and it varied in thickness due to invasion of lymphoid nodules. In tunica submucosa, the lymphoid follicles of round or oval shaped were found in different sizes and were arranged in single row in duodenum, single or double irregular rows in jejunum and ileum. The tunica muscularis consisted of inner circular and outer longitudinal smooth muscle layers. The tunica serosa consisted of loose irregular connective tissue covered by mesothelium. Varying amount of adipose tissue and blood vessels were also noticed. The goblet cells in the epithelium of villi and crypts of Lieberkuhn showed strong positive reaction to PAS and alcian blue staining method.

Keywords : Duodenum Jejunum Ileum Small Intestine

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