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A Comparative Study on Microbiological and Compositional Aspect of Economy Pork Sausages Incorporated with Olive Oil, Apple Pulp and Pomegranate Seed Powder

Keshab Debnath Pragati Hazarika Sani Nandi Bijoy Kumar Sarkar Bikas Debnath Anannya Das Sandeep Kumar
Vol 11(2), 85-92

Pork sausage were prepared, namely, T1 (traditional pork sausage, batter was manually mixed), T2 (low fat pork sausage, batter was manually mixed), T3 (traditional sausage, batter was in the form of emulsion) and T4 (low fat pork sausage, batter was in the form of emulsion). Pork sausages traditionally produced by minced pork meat and pork fat. Low fat pork sausage was prepared by using minced pork meat, olive oil, dried apple pulp powder (2%) and pomegranate seed powder (2%). Among the treatments the moisture and total ash content significantly (p<0.05) more in T2 and T4, protein and fat content significantly (p<0.05) more in T1 and T3. The microbiological quality had better in T2 and T4 than other treatments with lower total plate count, no significant (p>0.05) difference of protein, fat and total ash content in 12th day storage. Total plate count was found to differ significantly (p<0.05) throughout the period of storage. E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes were not detected in any of the samples on entire storage period, but Staphylococcus aureus were detected on 1st and 12th day in T1 and T3, but absent in T2 and T4.

Keywords : Apple Pulp Low Fat Olive Oil Pomegranate Seed Pork Sausage Shelf–Life

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