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Impact of Feeding Prosopis juliflora Pods and Citrullus lanatus Seed Cake on Nitrogen and Mineral Metabolism in Goats

Dharmendra Chharang Tribhuwan Sharma
Vol 11(2), 98-103

An experiment was conducted to study the impact of feeding mesquite Prosopis juliflora pods and Citrullus lanatus seed cake on nitrogen and mineral metabolism in sixteen goats. Four iso-nitrogenous and iso-caloric complete feed designated as, T1, T2, T3 and T4 were prepared, in which T1 served as control having all the conventional ingredients. Whereas, mesquite pods in T2 and Citrullus lanatus seed cake in T3 were included alone and in combination in T4, in lieu of barley and cotton seed cake of control, respectively. The results revealed positive nitrogen and mineral metabolism in T2, T3 and T4 group compared to T1 group. The data did not reveal any significant effect of treatment on calcium balance but showed highly significant effect on nitrogen and phosphorus balance. It can be concluded that both the mesquite pods and Citrullus lanatus seed cake could be safely and effectively incorporated alone or in combination in the complete feed of goats.

Keywords : Citrullus lanatus Marwari goat Mesquite Prosopis juliflora pods Metabolism

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