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Assessment of Green Fodder of Bajra Napier Hybrid in Terms of Availability, Milk Production and Entrepreneurship

B. P. Singh P. K. Mukherjee Mahesh Chander R. S. Suman Y. P. Singh Santosh Pathade
Vol 11(3), 107-113

Detail appraisal has been taken on a sample size of 200 dairy respondents on Bajra Napier Hybrid (B-N Hybrid) adopters to objectify the assessment of increased area under Bajra Napier Hybrid as green fodder, enhancement of milk productivity, increase duration of lactation period and opportunity of green fodder entrepreneurship among rural youth. All the adopters opined that adoption of B-N Hybrid technology has led to adequate availability of green fodder during scarcity period. Results revealed that B-N Hybrid was adopted by 88 per cent of the respondents which was nil earlier. Further, about 62 per cent of the respondents took second cutting in 40-45 days after first harvest. The campaign and availability of planting materials of B-N Hybrid not only increased the awareness among the farmers but also increased the adoption as well adequate availability of green fodder.

Keywords : Bajra Napier Entrepreneurship Fodder Lactation Period Milk Yield

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