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Study of FecXB and FecXG Mutations in a Group of Prolific Osmanabadi Goats

Mahendra Kumar P. V. Nandedkar M. S. Vaidya S. A. Dhaware S. S. Gaikwad P. R. Suryawanshi
Vol 11(3), 124-129

Study was planned on FecXB and FecXG genes’ (Alleles of BMP15 gene exon II region) polymorphism in unrelated prolific Osmanabadi goat breed (n=60) of Maharashtra with triplets (n=42), quadruplets (n=16) and above kidding (n=2) and amplified 153 bp of FecXB and a 141 bp of FecXG genes were digested with DdeI and HinfI restriction enzymes, respectively. After DdeI and HinfI digestion of FecXB and FecXG found two fragments (122 and 31 bp) and (112 and 29 bp), respectively. All studied goats were found monomorphic for FecXB and FecXG genes. Previously reported sheep mutations hadn’t shown effect on prolificacy in studied goats. Species-specific differences in BMP15 may be associated with the differences in ovulation rate amongst species and hence, BMP15 gene may not be major gene associated with prolificacy/fecundity of Osmanabadi goats, therefore this study suggested to target other loci of FecXB, FecXG genes etc. in Osmanabadi goat and with larger samples.

Keywords : BMP-15 FecXB FecXG Fecundity Goat Prolificacy and Mutations

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