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Incidence of Pyometra and Antibiotic Sensitivity of Genital Discharge in Bitches

U. Chandrakar R. P. Tiwari G. K. Mishra M. R. Poyam S. D. Hirpurkar
Vol 11(3), 130-134

The present study was conducted on clinical cases of bitches presented at College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Anjora, Durg, Chhattisgarh bitches (n=18) with the history of vomiting, off feed and foul-smelling vaginal pus discharge. The cases were diagnosed as pyometra thorough clinical examination and confirmed through ultrasonography. The antibiotic sensitivity vaginal swab samples were carried out by standard disc diffusion technique. The incidence of pyometra was higher (61%) in bitches above 5 years of age than bitches upto 5 years (39%) of age. Highest incidence of pyometra occurred in bitches of Non-descript and Pomeranian (28%). Moreover, Nulliparous bitches were having highest incidence of pyometra (61%) cases followed by primiparous (28%) and pluriparous (11%) bitches. The highest numbers of vaginal samples were sensitive and resistant to Ceftriaxone (67%) and Tetracycline (58%), respectively.In conclusion, incidence of pyometra is largely affected by age, breed and parity of the bitch.

Keywords : Age Antibiotic Sensitivity Bitch Breed Incidence Parity Pyometra

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