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Shelf Stability of Cookies Incorporated with Spent Hen Meat Powder in Aerobic Packaging at Ambient Temperature (37±10C)

A. S. Nemade S. V. Londhe R. N. Waghamare
Vol 11(3), 65-71

The aim of present study was to prepared cookies with incorporation of spent hen meat powder replacing with pearl millet flour. Birds were dressed properly, boneless spent hen meat packed in LDPE bags and stored overnight at 4±10C for ageing. Thawed meat chunks were minced in meat mincer and dried in hot air oven at 60-700 C for 20-22 hrs and subsequently used for cookies preparation. The investigation such as physico-chemical quality, proximate composition microbial counts and sensory attributes were carried out. During storage at ambient temperature (37±10C), the scores for all the sensory attributes as well as pH, protein, ash and fat declined but moisture content inclined with the progress of storage period upto 60 days. Similarly, TBA, tyrosine, TPC, yeast and mould counts increased considerably throughout the storage period but were within the spoilage limit up to 60 days.

Keywords : Hot Air Oven Meat Mincer Pearl Millet Flour Spent Hen Meat Cookies

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