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Caecal Coccidiosis in Layers

S. Soujanya M. Lakshman D. Madhuri
Vol 11(3), 98-101

In a commercial layer farm, caecal coccidiosis was diagnosed by clinical signs, necropsy, faecal examination and microscopic lesions in caecum. The clinical signs like dullness, ruffled feathers, pale combs, anaemia, reduced weight gain and bloody droppings were noticed in the sick birds. Pale, dehydrated and emaciated carcass was observed on postmortem examination. Grossly, enlarged and distended caeca with haemorrahgic spots on the wall, blood clots in the lumen and necrotic patches on the mucosa were noticed. Faecal examination revealed presence of numerous ovoids, unsporulated Eimeria tenella oocysts in the faecal smear. Microscopically, sections of caecum with Haematoxylin and Eosin staining showed various developing stages of Eimeria tenella in submucosa, degenerating, desquamating enterocytes and infiltration of heterophils and mononuclear cells in submucosa.

Keywords : Caecal coccidiosis E. tenella Haematoxylin & Eosin Layers Oocysts

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