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Evaluation of Some Productive Characteristics of Jordanian Awassi

Khaled Al-Najjar Ahmad Al-Momani Azzam Al Yacoub Reda Elsaid
Vol 11(4), 1-6

This study was carried out on Awassi ewes at Al-Fjaj station, Jordan. The objectives were investigated environmental factors affecting litter-birth weight (LBW), litter-weaning weight (LWW), milk yield (MY), daily-milk yield (DMY) [kg], and milking season (MkSn) [day] and estimated its values. LBW was highly significantly affected lambing year (YL), parity (PR), birth type (BT), litter-sex (LS), and (YL×BT). LWW was highly significantly affected by (YL), (LS), (YL×BT), (PR×BT), and Ewe weight at lambing (ELW). The effect of YL and LS were highly significant on MY and MkSn and significant on DMY. Production line of ewe (LE) and (PR) had significant on MkSn and MY, respectively. (LE×PR) and (PR×BT) had a significant on DMY. The value of corrected correlations varied from low to moderate and highly significant effect except (MY) with (LBW) and (LWW). Awassi sheep have dual productivity due to the low correlations between milk traits and weights in Jordan.

Keywords : Ewes Litter weights Milk Jordanian Awassi

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