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Impact of Training Programmes on Adoption of Layer Farming Practices among Layer Farmers in Uttar Pradesh

Maina Kumari M P Sagar Kamlesh Kumar Dhawal
Vol 11(4), 105-113

The present study was conducted to assess the impact of training programmes on adoption of layer farming practices by comparison of trainee and non-trainee layer farmers in Uttar Pradesh state. Total 108 respondents were selected, in which 54 were trainee and 54 were non-trainee layer farmers. Out of these 54 trainees, 30 were adopters and 24 were non-adopters. Data were collected through structured mailed questionnaire and telephonic survey. Data analysis elicited that average age of poultry farmers was 41.54 years, educationally graduated or post graduated, small family size, low level experience in poultry farming and possessing small size poultry farm. Mostly, trainees had medium to high level of adoption while, non-trainees had medium level of adoption in layer farming management practices viz., brooding, housing, feeding, bio security & health care management and vaccination. Adoption of layer farming management practices by trainee layer farmers was positively and significantly correlated with education, extension agency contact, layer farming experience and poultry farm size. Training is positive and impactful tool for the layer farmers to overcome the difficulties and soothing of management of layer farm. So, managemental training programmes should be organized for non-trainee layer farmers by CARI to bring them as far with trainee layer farmers.

Keywords : Adoption Brooding Extension agency Housing Management Training

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