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Subjective Assessment of Pashmina and Pashmina Blended Knitted Fabrics after Nylon Dissolution

Asif H Sofi Sarfaraz A Wani Dinesh B Shakyawar Sheikh Rafeh Ahmed Mohammad A pal Tahir Nazir Azmat A Khan Henna Jalal Mir Rovida
Vol 11(4), 123-128

Pashmina and pashmina blended knitted fabrics were developed with aim to diversify the product range of pashmina and evaluate its consumer acceptability. Pashmina, wool and nylon was blended into five different proportions, viz; T1 (60:0:40); T2 (45:15:40); T3 (30:30:40); T4 (15:45:40); T5 (0:60:40) in fibre stage. Each blend was spun in to yarn of three different counts viz; 24, 36 and 48 count. All yarns were processed into interlock knitted fabric on a circular knitting machine. The fabrics were then subjected to nylon dissolution process. The subjective assessment of the Pashmina: wool blended fabrics revealed that along the blend composition, the stiffness score showed an increasing trend while smoothness, fullness and softness and total hand value showed a decreasing trend from T1 to T5. Fabrics of all blends showed a decreasing trend in yarn count and stiffness score and increasing trend in smoothness, softness and total hand value from thick to thin yarn. From the study it was concluded that consumers preferred and showed interest towards the fabrics having high proportion of pashmina with fine count.

Keywords : Knitted Machine Spun Pashmina Subjective Score

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