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Incidence of Hip Disorders in Dogs

N. Nagaraju Makkena Sreenu M. S. Vasantha N. K. B. Raju
Vol 11(4), 144-147

A total of 198 clinical cases of hip disorders were reported during the study period the hip disorders include hip dysplasia, subluxation, luxation of hip, osteoarthritis, fracture of femoral head and neck, etc. The breed wise incidence was more in Labrador retriever (28.28%), sex wise occurrence of hip disorders was more in males (62.12%) than female (37.87%) dogs, age wise hip disorders were more recorded in above 5-year-old dogs (47.47%) followed by 0-1 years (31.31%); and more than 1-5 years (21.21%).

Keywords : Hip Disorders Hip Dysplasia Luxation of Hip

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