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Animal Welfare Considerations among Dairy Consumers in Rajasthan, India

Narendra Kumar Khyalia B. P. Singh
Vol 11(4), 7-12

Animal welfare is a complex subject with scientific, ethical, economic, cultural and political dimensions. The ever-growing consumer’s interests in animal welfare have called for changes in farming practices. The aim of the study was to measure consumers’ attitude towards dairy animal welfare. An attitude scale was developed and administered to the selected consumers of dairy products. The scale was based on Likerts (1932) summated ratings method. Internal consistency coefficient of 0.84 was suggestive of high reliability of the scale. The content validity of the scale was also satisfactory. A total of 160 consumers of two districts (80 from each) in Rajasthan were contacted to collect data on attitude towards animal welfare. It was found that majority of the respondents from Jaipur districts had less favorable attitude while attitude of respondents from Udaipur district was found moderately favourable towards dairy animal welfare.

Keywords : Animal Welfare Attitude Consumers Content Validity Summated Ratings Method

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