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Bovine Brucellosis Outbreaks and their Successful Management by Adulthood Vaccination at Udaipur Region of Southern Rajasthan

Deepak Kumar Sharma Rajesh Singathia Karishma Rathore
Vol 11(5), 11-16

Outbreaks of bovine brucellosis and their successful management by adulthood vaccination in cattle at four peri-urban dairy farms in Udaipur city of Rajasthan have been reported in present study. Screening of brucellosis in these dairy farms has been carried out by RPBT and iELISA. Out of 255 animals tested 58 were found positive for brucellosis while 197 animals were seronegative. Storm of abortions was controlled with use of reduced dose (1/20th dose) of standard calf-hood vaccine (Brucella abortus S19) by conjuctival route in seronegative animals, along with adoption of proper hygienic measurements, and segregation of seropositive animals.

Keywords : Abortion Bovine Brucellosis Vaccination Brucella Abortus S19

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