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Effect of Supplementation of Organic Acids on Nutrient Metabolizability and Economics of Quail Production

Ashvini Pundalik Bansod Suneet Wankhede Shubham Waghe Sandip Shilwant Sanjay Bhosale Sagar Surjagade
Vol 11(5), 24-27

The present study was undertaken to assess the effect of supplementation of organic acids on Nutrient metabolizability trial and economics production of 300 Japanese quail divided into 5 treatment groups and each of 4 replicates with 15 birds in each replicate. The groups were T0- Control group, T1- T0 +0.20 % Acetic acid, T2- T0 +0.20 % Butyric acid, T3- T0 +0.20 % Propionic acid and T4 - T0 +0.20 % (Acetic acid, Butyric acid and Propionic acid). Metabolic trial of five days duration was conducted on 8 birds from each treatment at the end of experimental trial to study the dry matter digestibility and N- retention. The economics of production of Japanese quails was also calculated at the end of the experimental period. It is concluded that 0.2 % acetic acid is economically beneficial and also improve the retention of nutrient.

Keywords : Nutrient Digestibility Organic Acid Quail

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