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Morphological Features of the Renal Collecting System in Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)

Venumadhav Nayini Pramod Kumar D Rajendranath N Ramya Narmeta
Vol 11(5), 28-41

Morphology of Renal Collecting System (RCS) of pig kidneys was studied by macroscopic dissection and corrosion cast technique. Macroscopic features of RCS showed small funnel shaped minor calices in cranial and caudal poles. In few specimens mid region was drained directly by minor calices independent of cranial and caudal caliceal groups. Three to five minor, calices opened in one tubular major calyx which in turn opened into ureter. Mean length of left ureter was higher than right one whereas its diameter gradually decreased distally. Endo casts of RCS showed two groups of calices i.e., A and B which drained dorsal, ventral, mid-zonal and polar regions of kidney. In A, two major calices drained minor calices from cranial and caudal poles of the kidney. Renal pelvis was not appreciated in this group. In B, mid-zone of kidneys was drained by minor calices independent of cranial and caudal caliceal groups. In this present study morphological and morphometrical observations are helpful to carryout non-invasive surgical procedures in RCS of pigs.

Keywords : Major calices Minor calices Renal Collecting System Renal pelvis Ureter

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