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Surgico-Chemotherapeutic Management of Splenic Hemangiosarcoma Using VAC Protocol in German Shepherd Dog- a Case Report

Mamta Mishra Akash
Vol 11(5), 42-47

A 9yr uncastrated German Shepherd dog was presented to the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex with a history of Anorexia, weakness, weight loss, Lameness, intermittent sudden collapse and muscular incoordination. On further investigation it was found that dog was earlier having a history of seizures of unknown etiology. Initially the case was misdiagnosed as certain neurological conditions and the treatment led deterioration of the condition. Thus, whole body check-up was recommended the very next time. Thoracic radiograph revealed no abnormal findings while Abdominal Radiograph confirmed certain degree of splenomegaly. Ultrasonographic findings confirmed a highly echo dense structure at the cranial pole of spleen concluding it to be a splenic mass of about 4.93 cm. Animal was kept on vincristine doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide therapy (VAC Protocol) and continuous fluid maintenance therapy. Splenectomy was performed under General Anaesthesia through hilar ligation technique.

Keywords : Echo Dense Incoordination Neurological Seizure Splenomegaly

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