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Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Oesophageal Diverticulum in a Heifer

Velavan A Sivashankar R Gayathri K Pandiyan R
Vol 11(5), 48-52

A three-year-old Holstein Friesian crossbred heifer was referred with the history of inappetence, drooling and improper rumination since a week. A systematic physical examination followed by a sonogram and survey and contrast (Barium) oesophagram was done for a confirmative diagnosis. The results of clinical examination and radiography helped to confirm the diagnosis of oesophageal diverticulum. Surgical management of the acquired condition was successfully performed and shortly post -operative, the patient recouped completely.

Keywords : Barium Contrast Radiography Heifer Oesophageal Diverticulum Oesophagram

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